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Practice Areas

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Healthcare Practice Areas

  • Licensing Board complaint defense
  • Types of entities – corporation, LLC, or sole proprietorship
  • Independent Contractor vs. Employee Issues
  • Leases and Contractual Documents
  • Practice Forms Review, including HIPAA issues and audits
  • Advice on Duty to Protect
  • Abuse Reporting Situations
  • Other laws and rules affecting your practice
  • Employment issues, ADA, Age Discrimination, Unemployment Compensation
  • Non-competition issues
  • Responding to Subpoenas and Court Testimony
  • How to Leave a Practice and Set Up Your Own
  • Multi-disciplinary Practice Issues
  • Medicare and Medicaid issues
  • Dealing with Managed Care Plans and Insurance Companies

Since I teach ethics courses I frequently do not have to do a lot of research to answer client questions. If Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Protected Health Information is involved, I will send out a HIPAA Compliant Business Associate Agreement.

I have done human resource work, typically for businesses, for over four decades. I routinely set up corporations and limited liability companies, prepare and review contracts and leases, and advise on such matters as employee/independent contractor issues.