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I try to keep my overhead and fees low for clients


I typically raise rates approximately every three (3) years and the last one amounted to less than five percent (5%).

I charge in six (6) minute (or fractions thereof) increments. So, for example, if I have a seventeen (17) minute call with you, the fee would be for eighteen (18) minutes.

For business work what you pay me is typically tax deductible as a business expense. For licensing Board complaints or responding to subpoenas, malpractice insurance will often cover the entire cost for my services.


Depending on the work involved, I may require a retainer, which is a fee that I put into my Trust Account until the work is performed. If there is any unused amount left in the retainer at the end of my engagement with clients, I will refund that amount. I provide very detailed billing, generally listing the total amount of time spent on work for a particular client on a particular day.

Payment Methods

In order to keep my overhead low I do not take credit cards, but accept cash or checks. If an insurance company is involved, they may pay me directly.